Mandatory Industry Training

Responsible service of alcohol is one of the most crucial tools in providing consumers with safe, responsible venues that are committed to practicing harm-minimisation techniques.

Alcohol servers have the ability to decrease the level of intoxication of patrons by identifying when they have had enough, therefore reducing the harm, or levels of ill-health caused through alcohol-consumption.

Training courses provide staff members with important skills including, but not limited to:

  • information relating to facts and myths about alcohol;
  • the effects of excessive alcohol intake;
  • determining a standard drink;
  • options to assist customers to drink within appropriate limits;
  • how to refuse service to an intoxicated patron; and,
  • dealing with difficult patrons and conflict situations.

Knowing how to partake in responsible service practices will be a vital resource for staff to ensure alcohol is served and consumed in as socially-responsible and consumer-friendly manner as possible.

Mandatory Training Policy

Mandatory Training Register for Licensees

Approved Training Providers

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