Fees and Charges

2018 Fees and Charges

Below are the charges as at 1st January 2018. Fees and charges are subject to change on 1st January each year.

When paying by cheque for a liquor fee the cheque must be made payable to The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

Please note: Fees are generally not refunded if an application is not approved

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Add,Vary or Cancel a condition of a licence or permit

      Club restricted licence $44.00
      Any other type of licence $241.00
      Club restricted licence $44.00
         1Any other licence type for a period of 21 days or less if the anticipated number of
      patrons is:
         Up to 500 $111.00
         Between 501 and 1,000 $229.00
         Between 1,001 and 5,000 $1156.00
         Between 5,001 and 10,000 $2314.00
         Over 10,000 $4639.00
Alteration or redefinition of a licensed premises $405.00

Approval of Manager

   Application for Approval of Manager lodged at Australia Post $181.00
   Upgrade from restricted licence to unrestricted licence
      lodged at Australia Post $60.00
      lodged online $16.00
Application for Renewal of Manager’s Approval for a period of five years
      Lodged at Australia Post $164.00
      Lodged online $128.00
Application for replacement identification card
   Lodged at Australia Post $52.00
   Lodged online $10.00

Approval of Person of authority

   4All licenses other than a club or club restricted licence $161.00
   4Club or Club Restricted licence $110.00

Approval to conduct non-liquor business

Fee $
on licensed premises $224.00

Change of name of

Fee $
licensed premises $74.00

Extended trading permit

Fee $
      Alfresco and Associations $354.00
      Liquor without a meal (not restricted to 120 persons) $474.00
      Liquor without a meal (restricted to 120 persons or less) $53.00
      Hours, dining, late delivery, restaurant with accommodation $1188.00
      Cellar Door Operation (producers only):
      - new cellar door operation (one licensee only) $354.00
      - new cellar door operation (two or more licensees) – applications must be lodged concurrently $354.00 plus $298.00 per additional licensee
      - existing cellar door permit where an additional licensee is seeking approval to operate under a permit $298 per additional licensee
   One-off: increase hours, extend the licensed area and/or sell liquor to non-members
   Club restricted licence $43.00
   1 & 3For all other types:

      Up to 500 $111.00
      Between 501 and 1,000 $229.00
      Between 1,001 and 5,000 $1156.00
      Between 5,001 and 10,000 $2314.00
      Over 10,000 $4639.00

Grant or Removal of

2a club, club restricted, restaurant, producer’s or wholesaler’s licence $901.00
2a hotel, hotel restricted, tavern, small bar, casino liquor licence, nightclub, special facility or liquor store licence (see note below) $3514.00

Juvenile Function

under section126A $65.00

Liquor Restricted Premises Declaration

   Where the applicant is the occupier of the premises No Charge
   Where the applicant is; the owner of the restricted premises; or a prescribed class of persons
   as defined in the Liquor Control Regulations 1989

1 & 3Liquor Occasional licence

   Up to 250 $53.00
   Between 251 and 500 $111.00
   Between 501 and 1000 $229.00
   Between 1001 and 5000 $1156.00
   Between 5001 and 10000 $2314.00
   Over 10,000 $4639.00

Profit Sharing

Fee $
3Profit Sharing $235.00

Protection Order

Fee $
2under section 87(1) $235.00

Transfer of licences

2Transfer of liquor licence $863.00

Vary or substitute plans

approved under a conditionally granted licence $281.00

Annual Licence Fees

5Club Restricted $293.00
5For all other licence types $594.00
Extended Trading Permit - Ongoing:
No more than 2 $281.00
3 or more $565.00

Search and Supply Fees

Address labels for licensed premises $144.00
Advertising Banner "Liquor Control Act – Notice of Application" $28.00
Copy of a decision of the Commission or Director
For each $28.00
Additional fee for certification $28.00
Copy of documentation, other than already prescribed, per page $4.00
Copy of plan (requires licensee's consent)
For each sheet (up to a maximum of $200) $28.00
Certified (for each sheet) $40.00
Database printout of record of general licence details $40.00
Duplicate licence (requires licensee’s consent) $35.00
Full search of a licence record (requires licensee’s consent and will incur additional fees for copies of documents as listed above) $52.00
Issue of a summons to a witness $23.00
List of licensed premises or owners of licensed premises
Hardcopy $90.00
Electronic format $59.00
Search of postcodes
1 to 10 postcodes $40.00
More than 10 postcodes $89.00
1 Where an application is for a function or event that takes place over a number of consecutive dates, the fee will be based upon the total maximum number of persons expected to be present in the licensed/permit area at any one time over the consecutive dates. For example: if a function or event runs for 2 days and the maximum number of persons expected to be present in the licensed/permit area at any one time is 300, then the fee will be calculated on an attendance of 600 people in total and will be $229.00.
2In addition to the application fee, new applicants in respect of protection orders and permanent liquor licences (i.e. grant or transfer applications, with the exception of a club or club restricted licence) will pay an additional $150.00 fee for each individual in a position of authority (including each director and shareholder of a company and adult trust beneficiary or unit holder). If a trustee is being appointed for a club or club restricted licence the $150.00 fee applies for the trustee.
3In addition to the application fee, new applicants in respect of profit sharing agreements or arrangements will pay an additional $150.00 fee for each individual who is party to the agreement or arrangement and in relation to whom a background check is sought from the Police Service.
4 In addition to the application fee, in respect of a body corporate seeking to be approved as a shareholder in the licensee company after the licence is granted, an additional $150.00 fee applies for each individual to whom a background check is sought from the Police Service (including each director and shareholder and adult trust beneficiary or unit holder related to that body corporate) other than for the first individual, which will be captured by the application fee.
5Annual licence fees for newly granted licenses are charged on a quarterly pro-rata basis as follows:
Licence Effective Fee: Club Restricted Fee – All Other Licences
1 January – 31 March (100%) $293.00 $594.00
1 April – 30 June (75%) $219.75 $445.50
1 July – 30 September (50%) $146.50 $297.00
1 October – 31 December (25%) $73.25 $148.50

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