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Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for a Licence

Which category of licence is most appropriate?

There are 10 categories of liquor licence available in Western Australia. Each  licensed category varies in permitted trading hours and the manner in which  liquor can be sold and supplied. Specific conditions can be imposed on an  individual liquor licence. Information bulletins and application kits are available at

The licensing authority is not able to advise as to which licence is more appropriate as this would constitute a conflict of interest as the authority is the determining body. Licensing staff can, however, assist customers in understanding the different types of licences and the documents required to be lodged with an application.

The department also runs free in house seminars on Applying for a Liquor Licence. The next seminar and the registration form can be accessed from the link on the RGL home page.

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What is a transfer?

When a licence is granted, it is granted to a specified entity that can consist of a  person, company, incorporated body of persons, or partnership being made up  any of these, and is known as “the licensee”. The licence allows only the  licensee to sell liquor and at a specified place (the licensed premises).

Generally, a transfer of licence application caters for a licensee who wishes to sell the licence to another entity and that entity wishes to purchase or be assigned the  licence. The applicant must apply to take over the licence (transfer of licence  application).  It is important to note that during the processing of the application the licensee  must not vacate the premises and the applicant must not sell or supply liquor until approval has been given by the licensing authority.

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If my liquor licence application is refused what can I do?

Under section 25 of the Liquor Control Act 1988 (the ‘Act’) a person who is a party to the proceedings may apply to the Liquor Commission for a review of the decision. That application must be made within one month after the applicant receives notice of the decision, or such longer period as the Commission may allow. Visit the Liquor Commission’s website for more information.

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Where can I see advertised applications?

Most applications under the Act have to be advertised in order to inform the community. Which applications need to be advertised, and the advertising criteria for each are determined when the application is lodged with the Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries. You can search for and obtain a summary of applications for liquor licences by searching the Departments database. See advertising applications for further information.

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Do I need a cellar door if I am applying for a Producer’s licence?

No. Not all producers wish, or have planning approval, to provide tastings to the public and intend on selling their packaged products from their office and arrange delivery to the customer. The applicant will, however, need to demonstrate that it is a genuine producer. Please refer to the application kit for producers for further information in meeting the minimum requirements to be considered a genuine producer.

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Can I sell liquor on the internet and what category of licence would apply?

In WA, there is no specific licence to accommodate liquor sales via the internet.  Licence holders that are authorised to sell packaged liquor can sell via the internet, however, the sale must take place from their licensed premises. When advertising on a website certain information must be included on the home page or front page of the website. For more information see the policies section.

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Do I need a lawyer to get a liquor licence?

The Act does not stipulate that an applicant must engage the services of a consultant or law firm in order to lodge an application. This is a business decision by the applicant.

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Occasional Liquor Licences

I have started my application; can I get an exemption code

Please note that exemptions are not always able to be considered due to our workloads and requesting one delays the processing of applications that were lodged in a timely fashion.

If you must request an exemption please note that your application could still be refused.

If you are located in a rural area please try your local court house in the first instance as they may be more inclined to accept a late application

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I am trying to put multiple dates on my application but it won't let me, is the form broken?

The form has been restricted to only permit dates no more than 3 weeks apart to be placed on a single application, this was implemented to prevent issues being created with multiple dates on a single application.

For applicants wishing to submit multiple dates please feel free to use the PDF button to save a copy of your first form and then use this to copy and paste the information into subsequent applications.

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I have tried to put in the date and time but there is an error saying the date is wrong?

The time format is what usually causes this issue, not the date. Times need to be formatted using the ':' in order for the field to accept them i.e.: 12:00pm, 4:30pm, 10:15am

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I want to provide free alcohol for guests attending my wedding at an unlicensed venue.

Given the nature of the event and the fact that the alcohol is provided free of charge to the guest attending, this would not constitute a sale under the Liquor Control Act 1988.

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I want to plan a BYO event in the local park. Do I need a liquor licence?

A liquor licence is not required for the consumption of alcohol; however, it is an offence under the Act to consume alcohol in the park without the permission of the relevant Local Government Authority. Therefore, you will need to obtain the permission of the Local Government Authority that has control of the park. In addition, depending upon the size of the event, it may be appropriate to notify the WA Police.

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We will be having a small private function for approximately 60 people to showcase an art collection. As part of the function we would like to offer guests a few alcohol drinks to purchase if they wish. Do we require a liquor licence for this

Depending upon the duration of the function and proposed start and finish time, the liquor exemptions in respect of small occasional functions may be applicable. If the conditions governing this exemption are met then a liquor licence is not required. Refer to the Director’s policy “Exemption to the Liquor Control Act 1988” for further information.

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Can I apply for an Occasional Licence while waiting for an application for a permanent licence to be determined?

Applications for an occasional liquor licence to trade in the interim at a premises for which the applicant has a permanent liquor licence application being determined, would normally be refused on the basis that it pre-empts the decision.

An applicant for a permanent liquor licence should not be advertising that they can run liquor licensed functions at the premises until such time as the permanent application has been determined.

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Can I lodge a paper form for an Occasional Licence?

In country areas an application for less than 500 people may be submitted through a courthouse on a paper application form that is obtained through the courthouse.

If the event is in the Perth/Mandurah metro area or is for more than 500 people, then the application needs to be lodged online through our department’s website.

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I do not have a computer, what other options do I have to lodge an Occasional Licence?

If you don’t have a computer at home, try using a publicly accessible computer such as computers at a library or internet café. Our department also has terminals in our lobby area that can be used on Gordon Stephenson House, Level 2, 140 William Street Perth WA 6000.

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I lodged my Occasional Licence several weeks ago, should I have heard something by now?

Due to the large number of applications that are lodged with our department, your application may not be processed within a short time frame. However, our department will endeavour to always determine the application prior to the first event date. You can check what the current status of the application is by logging into your account on our website and going to “My Account – Manage Applications”.

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How do I know when my Occasional Licence application has been received /approved?

In your account on our website there is an option called “My Account”.   Under my account your application will show under the heading of – “Applications in Progress”.   If it is in Assessment status it means it being processed.  Ensure you have no ‘Outstanding Fees’ as this will delay the assessment of an application.

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I have forgotten my username/password for my Occasional Licence login

If you have forgotten the username for your account, you will need to call an E-Business Officer on (08) 6551 4999 to clarify the correct username.

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General Trading - Obligations and Responsibilities

What are the signage requirements for licensed premises?

A licensee, other than the holder of an occasional licence needs to display a notice in a form approved by the director in a readily legible condition and in a conspicuous position at or near the front entrance to the licensed premises showing:

  1. Name of premises
  2. Licence type
  3. Name of licensee followed by the word “Licensee”

Also a notice must be displayed in a readily legible condition in a conspicuous position in the licensed premises showing the name of each approved manager who is supervising and managing the licensed premises.  Licensees can opt to incorporate both notices so that the approved manager on duty is included in the signage at or near the front entrance.

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What documents do I need to have on display on the licensed premises?

A licensee shall display the licence document and any permit that relates to the licence and in a readily legible condition and in a conspicuous position in the licensed premises.

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What documents do I need to maintain on the licensed premises?

The following documents need to be maintained on the licensed premises;

  • Approved plans of the licensed premises
  • Incident Register
  • Training Register
  • House Management Policy
  • Code of Conduct
  • Management Plan
  • Register of all members (clubs only)

These documents must be made available for inspection by an authorised officer.

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I am a licensee and am moving/considering moving premises. What do I need to do?

You will need to lodge an application to remove the liquor licence to the new location, however, it is very important that you that you retain tenure at the existing premises and not operate at the new premises until approval is given. Failure to do this will result in your interest in the licence being terminated in accordance with the Act, which means you cannot sell and supply liquor until approval is given. You can download an application.

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I am a licensee and am undertaking extensions /renovations at my premises that are outside the licensed area. What do I need to do to make this area part of the licensed area?

You will need to lodge an application to Alter or Redefine the licensed premises.
You can download an application.

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I am a licensee and no longer wish to trade. What do I need to do?

If you are not intending on selling the business with the liquor licence you must lodge a Notice of Surrender form and ensure that it is signed by the freehold owner (if different from the licensee). You can download the Notice via the Applications section.

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I am intending on buying a business, which has a liquor licence attached to it. What do I need to do?

You will need to lodge an application to transfer the liquor licence. Please note that settlement cannot take place without the prior approval from this authority. You can download the application.

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I am a licensee and wanting to change the name of the licensed premises. What do I have to do?

You will need to lodge an application to change the name, which you can download the application.

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My company holds a liquor licence and some of the directors and shareholders are changing. What do I need to do?

You will need to lodge an application for Approval of Director/Shareholder, which you can download the application via the Applications link. Please note that if the change relates to existing shareholders already approved by this authority who are decreasing or increasing their shares and no new entity is coming on board then an application is not required. This authority just needs to be notified of this within 14 days after the change.

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As a licensee am I able to employ or permit juveniles to remain on my licensed premises?

The Act provides for various situations where juveniles can be employed or be allowed to remain on licensed premises. For more information, please refer to the Director’s policies on juveniles.

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Our organisation has a club/club restricted licence and wish to hold an event open to  potential members or the general public. Do I need to seek approval for this?

Yes. A club licence permits the sale and supply of liquor to members and their guests (ie up to 5 guests only). In this instance, the club will need to lodge an application for a Non-Members Extended Trading Permit to authorise the sale and supply of liquor to non-members. You can download the application.

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Mandatory Training

Is my nationally accredited RSA certificate valid in WA, as the training provider is not  listed on your website?

Despite the training provider not listed on our website, if an applicant has a nationally accredited RSA certificate (Certificate of Attainment) then it is valid in WA.

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Can I do my liquor training through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries?

The department does not facilitate liquor training in respect of the Course in Liquor Licensing or the nationally accredited RSA course. Free seminars are conducted for prospective liquor licence holders and for existing licence holders, however, these seminars are not formal training and only serve to educate the liquor industry in respect of the Act. A list of approved training providers in respect of obtaining formal training pertaining to the Course in Liquor Licensing or the nationally accredited RSA course Approved Training Providers in Australia

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How much does it cost to get the training?

You will need to contact the training providers in respect of the fees as they do vary depending upon the delivery of the training (ie online vs in-class) and the course itself.

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How can you tell what type of certificate I have?

You can tell the difference between the Responsible Service of Alcohol and the Course in Management of Licensed Premises certificate by the certificate numbers. Please refer to the Directors Policy Mandatory Training to obtain the current certificate numbers.

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