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The Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor is responsible for administering the Liquor Control Act 1988 and promoting the integrity and lawful liquor activities within Western Australia.

The Department's Licensing Division is responsible for determining applications and other matters relating to liquor licensing under the auspices of the Director of Liquor Licensing who performs statutory functions and exercises statutory powers as prescribed by the Act.

The Department's Compliance Division is responsible for monitoring compliance and maintaining the integrity of licensed operations by conducting audits, inspections and investigations of liquor operators.

Guidelines for concerts, events and organised gatherings

The Guidelines for Concerts, Events and Organised Gatherings was developed as a pilot project in 2004 by the Environmental Health Directorate in consultation with the Events industry, WA Police, Department of Health, the Drug and Alcohol Office (DAO) and local government.

Guidelines for Concerts, Events and Organised Gatherings

Thinking of Applying for a Liquor Licence?

Seminars are run at the Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor for information about applying for a liquor licence. More information and registration for the seminars here.

Lodging Applications at the Counter

If lodging an application for the grant, transfer or removal of a liquor licence at the counter, parties must arrive before 4.30pm so the application can be checked.

Information Update

Making an application to modify approved manager and mandatory industry training requirements

Flexibility exists within the Liquor Control Act 1988 for licensees to modify their requirements to undergo mandatory industry training and to have approved managers present during all trading hours 

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