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From time to time, policies of the Director of Liquor Licensing and the Gaming and Wagering Commission are reviewed and subsequently amended. As a service to our stakeholders, we are providing a list of policies that have changed this year.

The most recent changes are:

Policy of the Director of Liquor Licensing

Date of Change

What has changed

Extended Trading Permits/Variations – One off Events or Functions

3 April 2019

This policy outlines circumstances in which a licensee may be granted an application to extend trading hours and the policy has been amended to include the following circumstances:

  • Licensees of liquor stores located in regional areas which attract an influx of tourists during peak periods wishing to trade on Sundays during those peak periods;
  • RSL clubs wanting to trade before noon on ANZAC Day to sell liquor to members and guests and non-members; and
  • Licensees seeking to extend trading on Mother’s and Father’s Day, during live broadcasts of sporting events, local festivals and at event after parties.

In addition, due to the recent amendments to the Act which increased permitted trading hours for hotels, taverns, small bars and nightclubs on Sunday, applications for extended hours will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Furthermore, information on applying for Extended Trading Permits to allow finger food functions at a restaurant and the relevant link to the policy have now been included in this policy.

Extending Trading Permits – Ongoing and Indefinite


3 April 2019

This policy has been updated to include links to relevant new policies and existing policies to better assist users accessing policies. In addition, provisions relating to Extended Trading Permits – Cellar Door has been included in the updated policy.

Extending Trading Permits – Sunday Trading for Non-Metropolitan Liquor Stores


3 April 2019

The recent amendments to the Act included a change to Section 60(4)(g) which increased the maximum period of an ongoing hours ETP from 5 to 10 years and this has now been updated in the policy.

In addition, the policy has been amended to allow licensees of liquor stores in non-metro areas which are the subject of increased tourist numbers to apply to trade on Sundays during those peak holiday periods either for an ongoing period or for a short duration i.e. less than 21 days via an extended trading permit.

Special Facility Licences - Catering

3 April 2019

Changes have been made to clarify to the above director’s policy when a licensee is required to lodge an application to vary the conditions of its licence. In addition, some application requirements have been removed.

New Policy - Extending Trading Permits – Area (Ongoing)

3 April 2019

This is a new policy has been introduced to support the Government’s election commitment to free up licensing restrictions to enable licensees to activate spaces adjacent to licensed premises and provides guidance to those licensees. The policy provides information on what is required to be lodged with the application, provides information on the type of trading conditions that may be imposed, and the likely duration of the permit should it be granted.

New Policy - Extending Trading Permits – Caterers - Ongoing

3 April 2019

Recent amendments to the Act included a change to Section 60(4)(a) to allow an extended trading permit to be granted to authorise catering.

This new policy has been introduced to provide guidance to licensees on the conditions that may be imposed on a permit issued under section 60(4)(a) of the Act, such conditions are similar to the conditions imposed on special facility – caterers licences.

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