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Updated Policies 

From time to time, policies of the Director of Liquor Licensing and the Gaming and Wagering Commission are reviewed and subsequently amended. As a service to our stakeholders, we are providing a list of policies that have changed in the last calendar year.

The most recent changes are:

Policy of the Director of Liquor Licensing Date of change What has changed
Safety and Security at Licensed Premises

The links to the guidelines for CCTV Systems on licensed premises has been updated.

Fire Safety Measures in Licensed Premises

New policy to provide guidance on the minimum fire safety and evacuation measures considered necessary to limit injury and loss of life, in the event of an emergency on a licensed premises.

Responsible Promotion of Liquor - Consumption of Liquor on Licensed Premises and the Sale of Packaged Liquor

Now includes that the offering of free/discounted drinks by way of social media is not acceptable.

Extended Trading Permits/Variations-‘One–off’ Events or Functions

Minor amendments to the formatting and layout, and update to the Department’s new contact details

Extended Trading Permits - Restaurants Holding Finger Food/Cocktail Functions

Proposed change of heading regarding conditions of approval and allowable number of permits amended to 12 in a 12 month period from 12 in a calendar year

Occasional Liquor Licence

Proposed amendments recommending applicants refer to the policy Exemptions to the Liquor Control Act 1988 prior to lodging an application for an occasional licence. Proposed guidelines regarding exhibitors and temporary pop–up events have been inserted. Amendment to mandatory training requirements so as to include crowd controllers with effect from 1 July 2018 is also included

Residential Premises - Licensing Requirements

 Proposed minor amendments to wording in order to improve readability and make reference to mandatory training requirements for crowd controllers with effect from 1 July 2018. An update to the Department’s contact details is also included

Show Cause Proceedings - Section 64 of the Act

Proposed amendment to allow ‘show cause’ notices to be sent by post or email to the licensee and clarify that an inspector’s report may be used where it is considered appropriate;

Special Facility Licences - Catering

Proposed amendment to include the definition of caterer as contained in Regulation 9A(13) and to specify conditions that may be imposed on the licence; and

Special Facility Licences - Works Canteen

Proposed minor amendments to remove reference to documents to be lodged with Public Interest Assessments and instead refer reader to the PIA policy

Policy of the Gaming and Wagering Commission Date of change What has changed
WA Race Fields 08/06/2017

Historical background information regarding the racing bets levy that applied from 2012 has been removed as it is no longer required.

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