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Commitment to Quality Service

The Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor is committed to delivering the highest possible standards of service to our customers and are constantly striving to improve our service. The Department welcomes suggestions on how we can provide our customers with a better service.

In addition, we also recognise that our customers have a right to register complaints and that any complaints can be a valuable source of feedback. 

When a customer exercises their right to make a complaint, we are committed to ensuring the satisfactory resolution of that complaint. The Department recognises the importance of resolving customer complaints quickly and effectively and has made that principle central to our Customer Service Charter. 

Also central to the Department's Customer Service Charter is a commitment to treating our clients fairly, promptly and professionally.

Our Customer Complaint Handling Procedure ensures that Department staff recognise the need to maximise the opportunity to help customers; that customers have access to a formal dispute resolution processes that will enable their complaint to be heard, and where possible, resolved at the lowest level possible within defined timeframes.

In the event that the Department's Customer Complaint Handling Procedure is unable to resolve problems, customers are advised of their right to seek an independent external review by the Western Australian Ombudsman.

You can submit a complaint to the Department by completing the form available here.

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