Lodging Your Application – A Guide

Application for Advertised Vacancy

All information requested on the application form must be addressed. If applicable, state all relevant qualifications and major area(s) of study/training you have undertaken, In addition, you may wish to identify any professional bodies that you are affiliated with.

If you possess a qualification from overseas or interstate it is advisable that information be supplied on it status in Western Australia.

Your application form should identify two referees who can provide information on your work performance. If possible, one of your referees should be your current supervisor.

Curriculum Vitae (Resume)

The curriculum vitae is a document which supports your application and provides a history of your working/academic career.

Your curriculum vitae should provide the following information:

  • Personal details such as place of residence, contact telephone numbers, residency status.
  • Your academic and professional training
  • Affiliation to professional bodies etc, if applicable
  • A brief description of work experience, documented from most recent to least recent.
  • Achievements or accomplishments relevant to the position, i.e. reports released for public distribution, publication etc.

Consideration of Late Applications

The Department will not accept late applications unless the applicant can provide conclusive evidence of mishandling either within the Department or by Australia Post. This includes applications lodged by facsimile, e-mail or internet.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure sufficient time is allowed for postage and/or electronic submission of applications to arrive prior to the advertised closing date and time.

The Department reserves the right to invite applications for a position that has been advertised and that is subject to a merit selection process.

If there is any doubt about an application being received on time, applicants should contact Organisation Development branch on 9425 1835 to confirm receipt.

Preparing for the Interview

Interview questions will be job-related, that is they will relate to the requirements of the position you have applied for. In addition to the interview, the panel may introduce other assessment methods, for example, you may be given a written test, or asked to provide a practical demonstration. The type of assessment to be carried out will be advised prior to your interview.

To prepare yourself for the interview, you should:

  • Re-read your application, the Job description and the selection criteria.
  • Focus on the selection criteria and think of examples of work situations where you applied the relevant skills and abilities.
  • Focus on the duties of the position and think about how you would carry them out, Consider any problems you might encounter and how you would resolve them.
  • If the position has a supervisory role, consider your special responsibilities as a supervisor.
  • If you have any relevant reports or other work you have done which will provide examples of your skills and abilities you should organise examples for presentation at the interview.

The Interview

This is an opportunity to demonstrate your suitability for the position, by explaining how your previous experience and knowledge relate to the position.

It is ok, to take a few moments to put your thoughts together before you answer each question. A well thought-out answer presented clearly and concisely will be appreciated by the panel.

Feel free to ask the panel any questions if you do not understand the question or if you need clarification before providing your reply.

Please note that if you are not short listed for the interview, you will not be notified until the process is complete. All applicants will be informed in writing of the outcome of the selection process.

Good luck with your application and thank you for your interest in this job opportunity with the Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor.



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