Code of Conduct

The Western Australian Public Sector Code of Ethics issued by the Public Sector Commissioner requires the development of, and compliance with, an agency specific Code of Conduct. All public sector employees must observe the Code of Ethics and their agency’s Code of Conduct (the Code).

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If the community is to have confidence in the public sector, government employees must:

  • act with care and diligence and make decisions that are honest, fair, impartial, and timely, and consider all relevant information;

  • treat people with respect, courtesy and sensitivity and recognise their interest, rights, safety and welfare;

  • use the resources of the state in a responsible and accountable manner that ensures the efficient, effective and appropriate use of human, natural, financial and physical resources, property and information.

As part of our commitment to providing employees with the best opportunity to make appropriate and fair-minded decisions, the Department’s Code of Conduct, is reviewed on a regular basis.

The Code identifies the values that our employees collectively hold as fundamental in our work and describes how these values translate into action. Our employees are all responsible for their conduct in the workplace and for ensuring that their behaviour reflects the standards of conduct embodied in the Code.

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