Visiting Western Australia

While enjoying the many attractions Western Australia has to offer, please be aware that restrictions are in place in many parts of the State in relation to purchasing, consuming or possessing alcohol.

These restrictions have been implemented as a way of minimising alcohol-related harm in Western Australia.

The Liquor Control Act 1988 provides for the following types of restrictions:

  • Section 64 Restrictions are imposed by the Director of Liquor Licensing, where it is in the public interest. These restrictions:
    • may limit or prohibit the sale of alcohol from licensed premises by imposing conditions on liquor licences; and
    • can be imposed on all licensed premises within a particular area of the State.
  • Section 175 Restrictions are declared by the Governor of Western Australia on the recommendation of the Minister for Racing and Gaming. These restrictions:
    • apply to a declared area of the State;
    • may prohibit the bringing in, possession and consumption of liquor in the declared area; and
    • may provide for penalties to apply to people who contravene the restrictions.

To assist in planning your trip in Western Australia, please click here to view information on towns and areas that may be affected by liquor restrictions.

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